Young Living™ Essential Oils - These essential oils can be used in so many ways to create and sustain a healthy life style.  You can order products as a Retail Customer or become a Wholesale Member.  Wholesale Members get wholesale pricing.  Please make sure that you use my member number 1981352 as both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID when you order on-line.  Please use the link above to order.  Contact me for more information and recommendations.  


Butterfly wallet -  Carrying a wallet in your back pocket is not conducive to eliminating back pain.  This can also be harmful if you don't have back pain.  The wallet can cause your pelvis to be tilted when you are seated, perpetuating back pain, and keeping your spine out of alignment.  This wallet can be easily carried in your front pocket.  I highly recommend it.


The facts behind circumcision - As societies mature many of the customs change.  And so it is with circumcision in the United States(the only Nation left which routinely circumcises it's baby boys).  This cultural change is accelerated by the internet, and the access to a massive sharing of information.  Many men are left feeling confused, compromised, cheated, and wondering why a desirable part of their healthy body was removed.  This informative facts page is a good place to start on this journey of understanding and healing.


Snoring Remedies Center - Snoring is a major health problem for many people.  Sleep apnea is a type of snoring where the breath actually stops.  This may cause low oxygen to the brain, poor sleep, and serious health problems.  This link goes to a simple test that you can take to help you determine what type of snorer you are.  This information may be very helpful in finding a solution.  However, I recommend that you see a sleep specialist for this.  If you are predisposed to apnea then you will likely need to use an AutoPap machine.  You no longer have to go to a sleep study center.  You can now do the home sleep study which is cheaper and less invasive.


Ashtanga of New Paltz - Where I received my Yoga Teachers Training.  I highly recommend this training to anyone even if you just want to move deeper into your own personal practice.


Massages by Diana - Who I received my Thai Yoga Massage training from.  I highly recommend Diana.  She is a gifted massage therapist.  A Thai Yoga Massage session with Diana is an amazing experience that can provide a powerful healing opportunity as well as a general sense of well being and stress reduction. 


Broga yoga - Where I received my Broga® yoga teachers training from.  Broga® is a fitness based yoga geared for men but all are welcome.   


Mario - Seamless gutters - I have redirected my passion to the trades.  I am now installing seamless gutters and rain barrels.  Check out my newest site.